5 Consejos para buceadores principiantes

When you are starting to dive, it is normal to have doubts about the new world you are discovering. After all, water has never been our medium. So we need time and learning to adapt. Despite the safety measures we have in place, every diver has to have some mental control and good technical knowledge. safety first.

Everyone can enjoy this great activity! Follow these tips to dive safely, de-stress, and enjoy all your dives!

1. Start small

Surely you have ever snorkelled and you think you would like to try scuba diving. Very well! However, diving can be intimidating for some people. That is, you are at a certain depth breathing underwater, with a tight trajectory and a lot of bubbles coming out of your face.

Many people opt for a baptism before meters on a course and see if they really liked the experience.

2. Snorkel and swim

There are people who want to learn scuba diving and hardly know how to swim. We are all crazy? It is important to feel safe in this new environment that is the sea. Move confidently, swim, dive deep and spend hours in the water.

3. Choose a good school

Now that you are ready to earn your certificate, you must find a good school. Where do you want to get your certificate? Maybe an exotic country? Look for a school with expert instructors and a good reputation. The price difference can be considerable frequency of the country.

4. What certification do you want to have?

The first certification that you are going to obtain is that of "Open Water Diver". There are people who warm up and take the "Advanced" followed (that is, the two courses, one after the other), which allows you to dive up to 30 meters.

5. Did you know that there are other organizations besides PADI?

Yes, although you have already seen that PADI has a great monopoly all over the world, there are other organizations like SSI or NAUI They also offer certifications.