Cressi 1990


Cressi continues its international expansion, opening subsidiaries in the United States and in Spain. The products are distributed in more than 90 countries around the world.


The athlete Cressi Renzo Mazzarri wins the world championship of underwater hunting in Spain. It is the third world title won by this extraordinary champion.

nineteen ninety five

Gara 2000 - The new Gara 2000 replaces the previous Rondine Gara. An ultra new and unprecedented patented engraving system, with three different materials that allows to obtain very light fins, with optimal performance. Another of the Cressi records until invincible time.


XL regulators - The range of regulators is enriched by the ultra-high-performance XS models. The series of the first stages by means of traditional and balanced piston is completed with a new stage by means of membrane.


Command group for jacket - A new by-pass for regulators is designed and produced, simple, light, very reliable, fitted as standard on the entire vast range of models, continuously expanded.


Athlete Cressi Umberto Pelizzari sets a new world record in the "" No Limits "" category, reaching a depth of 150 meters in Portofino.


The athlete Cressi Umberto Pelizzari sets a new world record in "" Constant weight "", reaching a depth of 80 meters in Portofino.