Reaction EBS fin

Color: black
Talla: XS/S
Sale price$ 2,571.66


  • Made with the exclusive 3-material injection system patented by Cressi-sub, it fully responds to the trends of modern diving with moderate dimensions and weight and an excellent combination of resistance, power, comfort and aesthetics.
  • The main basis of the structure is the use of polypropylene as a material with excellent mechanical performance.
  • Technical characteristics The structure, studied for this new variant of the base material of the blade, aims to combine great strength with good water channeling, protection of the lateral ribs and a soft toe box for comfortable flapping and less erosion action due to accidental contact with the bottom.
  • It also uses several technologies common to the rest of the Cressi models: EBS STRAP SYSTEM It combines new buckles with an essential and hydrodynamic design, adaptable to all Cressi models, with a new self-regulating strap made of high elasticity pure latex.
  • Latex is the most elastic material in nature and has the property of being able to elongate up to 8 times its length without breaking and with total elastic memory, that is, recovering the initial length.
Cressi México realiza envíos a toda la república mexicana, dependiendo de tu zona, será el timepo estimado de entrega. Zona norte (las bajas) 7 a 10 habiles | Zona norte 7 días hábiles | Zona centro 5 a 7 días hábiles | zona sur 7 días hábiles | Zona sureste (peninsular) 3 a 5 días hábiles | Usted podrá solicitar un envió exprés en el apartado de envios, y dependiendo de su zona y el artículo que desea comprar, se calculara que precio tendrá el envió exprés. Los tiempos de entrega puede variar con base a la demanda y carga de trabajo de la paquetera. Los días publicadas podria modificarse sin previo aviso.

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